The Project

What is CirculAgronomie ?

The circular economy is one of the keys to a socially, financially and environmentally sustainable agriculture. We have decided to get involved in its development by creating an opensource online encyclopedia : CirculAgronomie. Our goal is to meet agri-food industry related projects that implement circularity, in order to feed our platform with numerous and varied examples.


How it began

After a lecture about the circular economy Marc-Antoine attended in February 2016, we sat down with a cup of coffee –and, as night would begin to fall, a couple of beers- to learn more about this field we felt was promising. After hours of discussion and researchs, we came  to an agreement : we both wanted to create a tool that would help knowledge sharing and contribute to the transition toward a sustainable agriculture. CirculAgronomie was born !

Since then, we have thought a great deal about how to efficiently and thoroughly analyse each project and measure its sustainability and we came out with methodology.

On our platform, everybody will be able to use this methodology for themselves and write articles about their own initiatives. Furthermore, the platform will also host a forum where users will have the opportunity to share their techniques directly from one to another.